Dubai’s Coast to Coast Challenge 2014

A lot of things can be accomplished within seven hours. Like cooking a seasonal feast, work on an arts project, playing Minecraft, or say… cycle 216 Km on foreign roads with a few hills mixed in. I would consider playing Minecraft for seven hours madness and some would think cycling for that long is just

Ironman 70.3 Barcelona Race Report

Taking part in the 2014 Ironman 70.3 Barcelona, I had to swim in the Balearic Sea before cycling up and down the hills through parks and villages. Immediately after that, there is a long run leading up to the finish line. At some point I must wash off the red Catalan sand from my running shoes – but

Aero Field Test: Speedairo VS Aeon

Robert Chung’s Virtual Elevation Method Rules of the Aero Test A Run Through the Test Fire Up the Mac, See the Results And The Winner Is… Some Perspective Select Resources Lets set the record straight – the Sheikh Jaber Stadium was not converted into a wind tunnel for the sole purpose giving cyclists a choice

Old is Gold Run

The notebook I keep full of ideas for this blog is temporarily set aside. The truth is, with training load at it’s highest, I would rather not think of exercise if I’m not planning or doing it. That way some mental freshness remains for the next grinding session. Today is different, though, as my legs

Indoor Cycling with Trainer Road

The Trainer Road (TR) software is the first ‘gear’ item to score a review. It does so because it makes the most out of your bike in an indoor trainer setup. Depending on your choice of workout, TR can be challenging, entertaining, or informative given the constant update of every variable you would want know

Abu Dhabi Triathlon Race Report

It’s been nearly a week since the Abu Dhabi International Triathlon. That’s exactly how much time I needed to contemplate what happened on race day. How did it go so bad? Don’t worry; this is not a sob story or a call for sympathy. Every feeling of disappointment I felt throughout the run course ended

Al-Qudra Cycling Oasis

A few hours after landing in Dubai, I set the “Trek Dubai Store” as my first destination on the rental car’s GPS unit. I thought it would be better to drive there immediately to avoid the traffic jams of central Dubai on Wednesday morning, especially after being told of how busy the bike mechanics are

My Favorite Horror Movie

A few days ago, I watched one of the most horrific videos, and if you like that sort of thing, I would love to recommend that video! In all honestly, my jaw dropped to the floor a few seconds after pressing ‘play.’ I watched, eyes wide open, forgetting to breath. That video took a couple

A Stronger BIKE

As promised from last week, the next blog post will be much more relevant to the BIKE cycling group. Last Friday was dedicated to and individual time trial effort to help me set a target pace for the upcoming Abu Dhabi Triathlon. Now the taper and recovery begins, so I found shelter cycling within or

Making Sense of a Century Ride

Some things in life are ‘a given.’ For instance, every brand new Garmin sports device will be infested with ‘bugs’ and that I should be able to hold 75-80% of my Functional Threshold Power (FTP) for a 100 km ride. With regards to the first fact about Garmins, I decided to carry the extra weight